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What is Imagine Me Stories?

Imagine Me Stories is a monthly subscription box that aims to inspire and empower by providing quality black children's literature and fun activities. From just £7.99 p/mth (+£.3.50 UK p&p) your child will receive specially chosen top quality literature featuring black main characters plus empowering activities to educate them on black history and culture!

Research shows that only 2% of children's books published in the UK have black main characters. Representation is vital to ensure that children see positive views of themselves and what they can achieve in society. 

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How It Works

1. Choose a box!

Simply tell us how many books you would like to receive each month and your child's reading level/age and we will provide representative age appropriate books plus fun and educational activities for your enjoyment! 

2. Delivered to your door!

We will ship your exciting box of goodies out to you within 5 days! Subsequent boxes ship around the 26th of each month.
Order by the 21st of the month to receive  that month's box.

No contract, no direct debit, and you can skip, swap or cancel anytime!

3. Read and be empowered!

Our handpicked books are sure to delight your little ones while our fun activities will teach them about key figures and trailblazers in black history!

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She's had this book for about a week, she read a little bit each day and finished her first chapter book in 4 days! She doesn't read books like this in school. She was so excited to stick her first sticker on her reading ladder and is impatiently waiting for the next box to come to stick on another sticker!

@3littlecurls - Instagram

We love reading the storybooks and activities from our Imagine Me Stories box. Our box came with loads of fun activities for my brother and I to play with. We coloured, created our mini pyramid and got to learn about some iconic heroes like Mary Seacole and Sarah Breedlove aka Madam CJ Walker. It has been so much fun. Thanks Imagine Me Stories for making my kids feel represented. 

@ninaandmilan - Instagram

The 1st delivery of our Imagine Me Stories the kids couldn't wait to open it and they weren't disappointed! Amelia was so happy to get Sulwe by Lupita Nyong'o. Can't wait for the next delivery :)

@sorayaheath1 - Instagram

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We are passionate about supporting businesses that help to provide children with much needed representation. If you are one such business, get in touch to find out about our free leaflet promotion programme. 


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